Monday, April 11, 2011

Monster In My Pocket (TV Special)

The mythos of the comic book and video game was to be completely turned around, although it never occurred in the pages of the comic book. In 1992, there was an animated special, Monster in My Pocket: The Big Scream, produced by Hanna-Barbera and directed by Don Lusk from a script by Glen Leopold,
where Vampire (now with ample hair in a late 18th century style ponytail) became the leader of the villains, and Invisible Man, now named Dr. Henry Davenport(even though he was called the Invisible Man in the intro and was referred to as such by Vampire), was in charge of the heroes. Swamp Beast was a mindless villain among the other changes, such as the formerly white-furred Werewolf (although by the fourth issue it had been changed to brown) becoming the Jamaican "Wolf-Mon". The other good monsters were Big Ed (The Monster) and Mummy, while Medusa remained among the ranks of the evil monsters. A few others, like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Cyclops, were shown for a second or two during the prologue, which had Vampire creating a potion that shrinks all of Monster Mountain, now a prison rather than a meeting place (as it had been in the comic book) guarded by the good monsters, and blows it to Los Angeles. This time, their human host was Carrie Raven, daughter of Edgar Raven, a famous horror writer. The evil monsters learned they would grow at the sound of screams, while the good monsters grow with laughter. It ran on Halloween of 1992 on ABC, but it was not carried in all markets. Early releases of the special on video from Vidmark Entertainment contained a glow-in-the-dark monster: Charun, Thunderdell, or Yama. The story was that the good monsters had to stop the evil monsters from using an old horror film called The Shriek to grow big again.

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